A Deer Supplement Company Can Provide Your Herd With Optimum Health

Just like humans, deer need the right amount of minerals and nutrients to grow larger horns and produce fawns. Supplementing deer is much different than baiting deer for hunting purposes. The goal of supplementing deer is so they’re healthier, grow larger bodies and horns, and remain healthier throughout the year. Natural forage is always the best thing a deer can eat, but the nutrients aren’t always readily available for their diet. A deer supplement company can help a farmer increase their herd size and make sure the deer are their optimum health.

Food Plots Versus Supplements

Food plots are a great way to keep a herd healthy and are more cost effective than supplements. The problem with food plots is it’s not always possible to plant them and have them grown due to inadequate rainfall or soil conditions. When a deer farmer uses supplements, they’re guaranteed to be providing the deer with the minerals and nutrients they need.

What Type Of Deer Need High Protein?

Fawns and yearlings both need a high amount of protein for their growing bodies. Older deer don’t need the same amount as the younger deer. In addition, deer stock up on fat like sugars and cellulose to create fat reserves they can use during high energy situations.

Mixing A Blend

It’s never recommended that a deer farmer mix their own blend of supplements with deer food. Micronutrients like selenium, copper, zinc, and cobalt are only needed in small amounts. Deer need high amounts of phosphorus, sodium, and calcium for balance, nerve conduction, antler development and fawn production.

How Are Deer Supplements Packaged?

Supplements are packaged in 50-pound bags for easier transporting to a feeding location. If an individual wants customer packaging, all they need to do is contact the company with their request.

Deer need a specially-formulated diet to improve and maintain their health. Supplements can reduce a deer’s chance of contracting fatal diseases. When a deer farmer works with an experienced supplement company, they can feel confident their deer herd will end up being healthier than before. In addition, an experienced nutritionist can create an ideal supplement for your herd.