The Ultimate Guide to Animals

Facts about Parrotlets

The parrotlet is a big personality in the parrot body. Their bodies measure averagely five to six inches. The young ones weigh around slightly below thirty grams. They are domestic birds kept by a lot of people. Humans have seen the importance of rearing parrotlets in their homes. These birds are very much friendly and can be trained for some purposes in the house.T Parrots are very sensitive birds that notice everything going on in the compound. Those who have never had a chance to interact with them ask themselves various questions about the parrotlets.

A compound with a parrot looks extra beautiful. The colors of a parrot are different depending on the species. The colors may be used to signify the different types of parrotlets there exist in the world. Just like in all the other birds some species are expensive to rear and rare to find. The most available color for the parrots is the blue color or the Pacific parrot. Some parrotlets are green, yellow and blue wing in color. It is very hard to find the species that are yellow in color in many parts of the world.

Appetite for food helps the birds in maintaining their antique and playful nature. Since parrots are nutcrackers they love nuts which helps them exercise their beaks and make them strong. What is of the nuts could be their food when they open it. Natural supplements derived from vegetables are effective for feeding the parrotlets. Mature parrots feed less as they require little amount of energy as compared to the young parrotlets which require quite some energy for growth. An food that has very high amount of sugar content should not be given to the parrots. Also food with high contents of fat should not be part of their diet.

Every pet bird needs the attention of their owner. Parrotlets, however, can grow up with little attention as it is capable of amusing a playing with itself. Fully grown parrots will require about ten minutes attention from their owners mostly for training. They should be provided with toys and perches in their cages so that they can effectively play by their selves. Parrotlets don’t need company from other birds as they don’t bond well. They can only feel comfortable in the company of their owners and other parrots. Parrot cages should be made far from disturbance of other pets.

Parrotlets are aggressive to anything that seems to interfere with their personal space. Parrots are fearless and can be harmful to other pets if not well separated from each other. Little kids should be kept far from them to avoid disturbing them and getting injured. They are friendly especially if fend by hand.